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Gamuda Land starts construction of Eaton Park

Gamuda Land starts construction of Eaton Park

On December 8, Gamuda Land, the property arm of Malaysia’s Gamuda Berhad, organised the ground-breaking ceremony for Eaton Park, its first high-end flagship in the east of Ho Chi Minh City.

The ceremony marked the commencement of construction and was witnessed by many distinguished guests from Gamuda Land management, the media, contractors, business partners, and the local authorities.

Angus Liew, chairman of Gamuda Land Vietnam, said that Eaton Park is poised to become one of the most anticipated projects to launch in the second quarter of 2024.

Eaton Park is the fifth project by Gamuda Land in Vietnam. It is a sizable development of 3.7 hectares that comprises apartments (including penthouses), shophouses, and a retail podium.

Eaton Park Ground Breaking Ceremony
Eaton Park Ground Breaking Ceremony

“ We are looking forward to a synergistic and enduring cooperation with Fountech, and all our business partners, to deliver an outstanding standard of excellence with this project. With our recent achievement of becoming the top property developer in Malaysia, I hold high expectations as we strive to create and deliver the same value for our community in Vietnam,” Liew shared.

Situated in a premium location along Mai Chi Tho road in Thu Duc city, the development boasts an array of state-of-the-art amenities including an infinity pool, jacuzzi, world-class fitness centre, golf-simulation room, and various other pet- and family-friendly facilities nestled in a lush green landscape.

Speaking at the ceremony, Teoh Chin Siang, general director of Gamuda Land Ho Chi Minh City, said that Eaton Park, along with the other two projects of Elysian (also in Thu Duc city) and Artisan Park (in Binh Duong New City), is following a quick-turn-around business plan as Gamuda Land is expanding the scale of its business in Vietnam.

Gamuda Land started its operations in Vietnam in 2007. Its first project, the 300-hectare iconic township of Gamuda City in Hanoi, is located in a geographical area that is prone to climate change and used to face a scarcity of residents.

“However, now, it has an urban look and has become a habitable place with a civilised community. Yen So Park, one of the four components, is now a favourite destination for Hanoians,” Siang confirmed.

In the South, Celadon City, the first hallmark of Gamuda Land in the west of Ho Chi Minh City, also used to be a sparsely populated area with many green fields. It has now become home to thousands of residents, featuring an ecological central park (over 16-ha) and exquisite apartments and houses. The home prices in Celadon City have also seen a sharp rise.

The vibrant retail podium and residences are enveloped in a lush green landscape. Picture: Gamuda Land Vietnam
The vibrant retail podium and residences are enveloped in a lush green landscape. Picture: Gamuda Land Vietnam

“We will continue to make Eaton Park a success, aiming to create a real set of values for our customers, investors, and the local communities. Eaton Park, the fifth project by Gamuda Land in Vietnam, is envisioned to become a top choice for active adults who desire a balance between living comfortably and healthily,” Siang added.

Gamuda Land’s presence in the vicinity immediately enhances the value for the neighbouring residents as the developer is investing in works to upgrade the infrastructure and landscaping, which improves the overall aesthetic and accessibility surrounding the development.

Additionally, Eaton Park is highly accessible from the city centre through a system of efficient roads. In the future, the two major metro lines near the development will be operating. This will provide further convenience for the residents and is expected to drive the appreciation of property values.

Gamuda Land is the property arm of Gamuda Berhad, a builder with a spectrum of experience and expertise in engineering, construction, and infrastructure concessions that is based in Malaysia. Gamuda Land has over two decades of experience developing townships, high-rise developments, country clubs, and commercial real estate.

Some of its high-profile, award-winning projects in Vietnam include Celadon City and Gamuda City, among others. Its international foothold is further strengthened by its overseas projects in Australia, Singapore, and the United Kingdom, some of which have won numerous awards.

Source: Vietnam Investment Review

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